The Mayan culture was spread over a wide area now occupied by five Central American countries. Over 150 archaeological sites can be visited where the tourist can admire the remains of one of the most amazing civilizations in history.

5 países

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Belize Belize

The Mayans settled alongside the lakes and rivers. Trade flourishes and towering ceremonial centers are raised

El Salvador El Salvador

An amazing journey back in time to observe the life of the ancient Mayans, petrified under the volcano

Guatemala Guatemala

The heart of the Mayan World. Towering metropolis in the highlands and in Petén and the cultural richness of the living legacy of the Mayans

Honduras Honduras

Copán, the splendor of the Mayan civilization. The artistic excellence at the frontier of Mesoamerica

Mexico Mexico

The splendor of the Mayan civilization, from ocean to ocean. Metropolis in the forest, majestic ceremonial centers and the living legacy of the Mayans

Master Route

Mundo Maya