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  • The Tabasco 2000 Convention Centre
    The Tabasco 2000 Convention Centre
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  • Monumento 6 de Tortuguero
    Monumento 6 de Tortuguero
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  • Parque Tabasco
    Parque Tabasco
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  • Tomás Garrido Canabal Park
    Tomás Garrido Canabal Park
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  • Comalcalco achaeological site
    Comalcalco achaeological site
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Why Tabasco is your next venue

Magic, proximity, all the services and the first-class venues.

1. Quality of life

2. Easy access

3. Ideal for large and small events

4. The job well done

5. A city you won’t get bored in

6. The most amazing experiences

About Tabasco

The Emerald of the south-east is one of the most dynamic cities in Mexico.

Villahermosa is a quiet town and it provides an excellent quality of life. There is a wide range of leisure activities and entertainment in the Tabasco 2000 zone, excellent infrastructure, 21 universities, and a modern health system, which combine to make it a dynamic, attractive and safe city.

The capital of Tabasco has the distinction of being the World’s Energy Capital, as Villahermosa is the central point of Mexico’s mining industry. Did you know that 90% of Mexico’s oil and gas is extracted from within a 200 km radius of the city?

Excellent international connections and connections to the eight major cities in Mexico.

Villahermosa Airport recorded 300 weekly flights to Mexico City, Veracruz, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Ciudad del Carmen, Mérida, Reynosa, Monterrey and Poza Rica, in addition to two daily flights to Houston.

If you prefer to travel by road, Villahermosa is connected to the country’s main highways. The estimated time from Mexico City by car is 8 hours.

Modern infrastructures for events and a high-end hotel industry.

Tabasco has an optimally equipped Convention Centre with capacity to host events for up to 3,400 attendees and a venue for exhibitions. Parque Tabasco, with 6,800 m2 of installations in over 56 hectares, is the perfect place for large outdoor events, and is the venue of some of the most important agricultural and livestock fairs in Mexico.

The hotel district is located in the city’s modern area, where large hotel chains are present that offer more than 2,200 top-quality rooms.

Our commitment: professionalism and sustainability at your service

Tabasco’s Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) will support you in planning your event in all matters related to logistics, paperwork and event promotion.

In Tabasco you will find all kinds of services for events, which are provided by specialist companies with years of experience.

Ask our service providers to explain our sustainable environment practices, which will make your event eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Olmec heads, the Mayan prophecy, a beautiful Old Town, and a city surrounded by water.

If event attendees want to stretch their legs, they will enjoy visiting the wonderfully restored Plaza de Armas and the Old Town, or strolling along the many waterfront parks around the city (where hopefully they may even see crocodiles).

Furthermore, Villahermosa offers the unique possibility to see 30 authentic Olmec heads face to face in the Parque La Venta, or to see the famous Mayan stela that contains the prophecy of the end of the era in 2012 in the Regional Anthropology Museum.

There are shopping centres and restaurants with a variety of options in both the city centre and in the modern areas. Don’t forget to try Tabasco’s extraordinary cuisine, thanks to its Mayan heritage.

Complete your itinerary with chocolate sampling, water adventures or fascinating archaeology.

Tabasco is crisscrossed by rivers. The Olmecs settled here, so visitors shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the “La Venta” archaeological site. After the Olmecs, the Mayans settled in the fruit producing area, so visitors must visit the Comalcalco or Pomona archaeological sites.

Did you know that Tabasco is the birthplace of chocolate? Learn its secrets on the fascinating Cocoa Route. Visit cocoa plantations like Finca Cholula, Hacienda La Luz or Hacienda Jesús María.

Nature enthusiasts can visit the magnificent Pantanos de Centla Biosphere Reserve, explore the Usumacinta River Canyon or visit the Kolem Jaá ecotourism centre next to the magical town of Tapijulapa.

In Tabasco the origins of the cultures of the ancient inhabitants of Mexico can be found among the most modern infrastructures; the emerald green of its jungle is criss-crossed by an infinite number of rivers and a buoyant industry that has made Villahermosa one of Mexico’s most dynamic cities.

Villahermosa is the hub of the country’s mining industry and it is one of the word’s Energy Cities; as a result, its inhabitants enjoy an excellent quality of life. The city receives a significant number of scientific, technological, cultural and professional events each year, and it is also home to one of the most important livestock expos in the country.

In Villahermosa you will find all the services of a 21st century city, and all the hospitality of a small town. It is an ideal starting point to discover the exquisite pre-Hispanic cuisine of south-eastern Mexico, some of Mexico’s most important archaeological ruins, and the stunning natural surroundings.

Discover all the possibilities Mundo Maya has to offer in Tabasco.

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